Dirt bike
名稱「越野摩托車」來源是自改于「摩托車」和「越野賽事用車」的整合定義 。越野摩托車是一種摩托車運動或全地形車賽車舉行的封閉越野線路中所使用的摩托車車型。

The MX CLUB which was founded on March the 3rd 1996. Since opening the mx club have progressed Motocross skills and techniques in Hong Kong and china. They have constantly been training people to a higher standard in motocross skills and understanding they are located in the North of the New Territories and the office and resources are situated there as well. They also provide professional training courses including “motocross Training", “Trail Bike Training " and “ATV Training" they are always pushing our limits to train better and heighten their standards in motocross racing.

Our Package :  
Pro MX model  (250cc-450cc)
1 hour  HKD 500 /  2 hour HKD  650

Beginner model (150cc / 250cc)
1 hour  HKD 400 /  2 hour HKD 550

Quad bike model (90cc / 150cc)
1 hour  HKD 400 / 2 hour HKD 550

Kids (who Under 14 year sold)
Auto min bike 50cc / 90cc
1 hour     HKD350  / 2 hour  HKD450