We see with the Riders's eyes.

RS TAICHI's foundation for developing products is "For the happiness of Riders" This means to see motorcycle products from the viewpoint of Riders. Such as, whether the  pattern is most suitable to keep comfort and whether the material is useful to improve the safety for Riders.

Produce what is really wanted.
This is the development thought of Taichi Yoshimura, the founder of RS TAICHI who played an active part in the front line as a racer.
We are confident that this thought is the mainspring of producing not only fashionable, but also high quality and new products.
Dreaming to manage a circuit.

RS TAICHI has a big dream. It is to manage a circuit.
We hope many Riders use this circuit and realize how fun and challenging riding is.
It is our hope that thru this connection that the Riders will improve in his riding techniques and be safe.
For the future of riding Motorcycle, to sharing the Dream with Riders.

RS TAICHI is not a manufacturer that only produces, and is not a store that only sells products.
Creating the "Sporting Culture" with the customers through motorcycling.
We at RS TAICHI feel that this is our duty.