2012年的Shiver是屬facelift版,今次改動主要是車身拉花的改 動,但跟上一代版本相比,小型風擋及頭燈兩側加設了小型燈罩,令她更具神韻。一對前掣動碟也換上時下跑車流行的菊花碟,在說明她具有運動型賽車的另一面, 但又不像一般跑車般令你有一種乘騎辛苦的感覺,這就是Shiver 750採用人體工學去鑽研最舒適街車的結果。



Shiver是當時首台用上電子油門的街車,融合在749.9c.c.水冷四衝程V型90 DOHC 8氣門的機器引擎操,廠方並且設計了三個駕駛模式選擇設定,分別為Sport(運動模式)、Touring(巡航模式)和Rain(雨天行車模式)。而最大馬力達到95hp,扭力則有8.25kg-m,跟同廠Dorsoduro 750相約,同樣講求低扭輸出的機車。

The Aprilia naked which astonished the world with stylistic and technological content which was so fresh and new that it was inaccessible to the direct competition, confirms the leadership it has built thanks to its strong personality, riding pleasure and ergonomic features.

An innovative engine fitted with latest generation integral Ride by Wire, a multimap, a first-rate chassis which is able to satisfy all levels of riders, and technical outfit that no other bike even comes close to. Aprilia Shiver is without a doubt the benchmark bike for medium engine capacity nakeds.

There are a few key issues which mark the success of Shiver. It is a bike which can seduce even the most demanding rider, but it is also able to bring on those who are new to the two-wheeled scene, as it is so amazingly easy to ride.


Aprilia Shiver 750 規格表
 呎吋 SIZE
 全長 Length 2,265mm
 全闊 Width 810mm
 全高 Height 1,185mm
 軸距 Centre to centre distance 1,135mm
 座位高度 Saddle height 800mm
 最低離地距 Height from the ground -
 淨重 Dry weight 189kg
 油箱容量 Fuel tank capacity 15L
 引擎模式 Engine 水冷四衝程V型90度縱向雙汽缸DOHC 8氣門
Aprilia V90 four-stroke longitudinal 90° V-twin engine, liquid cooled, double overhead camshaft with mixed gear/chain timing system, four valves per cylinder.

 排氣量 Total displacement

 最大馬力 Max. power at the crank 95hp / 9,000rpm
 最大扭力 Max. torque at the crank
8.25kg-m / 7,000rpm
 壓縮比 Compression ratio 11.0 : 1
 缸徑x衝程 Bore x Stroke 92mm x 56.4mm
 供油系統 Fuel system 平順式引擎制系統
Ride by Wire integrated engine control system.
 前傾角 Steering angle 25.7°
 拖曳距 Trail 109mm
 起動 Starting 電動 Electric
 傳動系統 Gear box 濕式多片6前速,鍊條傳動
6-speeds , Chain.
 車架型式 Frame 圓形鋼管Trellis / 鋁合金混合車架
Modular tubular steel frame fastened to aluminium side plates by high strength bolts. Removable rear subframe.
 前懸掛系統 Front suspension 直徑43mm倒立前叉,120mm行程
43 mm upside-down fork. 120 mm wheel travel.
 後懸掛系統 Rear suspension
Aluminium alloy swingarm with reinforcement truss. Hydraulic shock absorber adjustable in spring preload and rebound damping. Wheel travel: 130 mm.
 前制動系統 Front Brakes
2 x 320mm菊花碟配4活塞卡鉗,二路ABS糸統
Double stainless steel floating disc (Ø 320 mm ). Four piston radial calipers. Metal braided brake line.
 後制動系統 Rear Brakes
Stainless steel disc (Æ 240 mm) with single piston caliper. Metal braided brake line.
 前輪胎 Front Tyres 120/70 ZR17
 後輪胎 Rear Tyres 180/55 ZR17